Our Next Adventure: Binney Street

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I always get a little anxious when starting a new project. There are so many details to account for, it can all be overwhelming. But there’s also a ton of excitement. Getting to build something new is a great feeling, especially when you know you’ll be calling that place home soon enough. Brian and I purchased a new property on Binney Street that has been in construction for several months now. Today, I wanna highlight how we got started on this project and where it’s headed.

Getting Started

There were so many aspects of Collington Ave I loved when it was completed, but there were also some realizations I have. For instance, glass railings and all chrome surfaces look great in practice, but in reality, they’re not the ideal surfaces to have in a house with a four-year-old and six-year-old. You can imagine the time that had to be spent with glass cleaner in-hand. So, I wanted to take a different approach to our home on Binney. The color palette is one thing that stands out as a real difference. For this project, we’re bringing together a greater contrast: black iron and glass, white oak with black tones set against it. It’s really exciting to use all the tools in my tool belt to bring out a unique style that’s distinct from the last two homes I’ve worked on. And it should help there be less tiny handprints covering the surfaces throughout the house (hopefully)!

Glass railings at Collington
New railings at Binney

Rethinking the Layout

When we purchased Binney Street, the framing was already partially constructed. And you know what that means. We had to rework the framing to fit our needs…again! The original designer placed an elevator shaft at the back of the house, but I want that space to be reserved for a mudroom. So, we moved the elevator frame to a central location within the house that makes more sense for the flow of the layout. We also changed most of the window layouts throughout the home to really help bring the light into the places where we’ll be spending the most time. The gorgeous Marvin windows are in place, and I’m already loving lots of the details we’ve established.

What We’re Looking Forward To

The project is coming along wonderfully, but there’s still a ton of work ahead! Brian and I both have different features we want to see in the final product. He wants a first-floor office space, we both are working to build contemporary wine storage, and we also are loving what the detached garage and outdoor patio are going to add to the home. We’re also so happy to be staying in the Canton area. Getting to be right near the water is great, and there’s plenty to see, do, and eat just down the road.

The wine storage is almost ready to be filled!

Binney Street is still underway, and I’ll be updating with more photos and blogs about the process as it continues to progress. In the meantime, don’t forget to check out more blogs about my other projects!

Bye for now!

Samantha Chance

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