Binney Street Progress Update

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There’s no feeling quite like seeing a project coming together, even if the going is slow. Bit by bit, our Binney Street home is getting there. It hasn’t been without its challenges, but we’re beyond excited to see how the final product is going to turn out, and share it with all of you. Here’s our Binney Street progress update!

Delays and More Delays

With our move-in date approaching, it’s hard not to feel like there’s so much to do! One issue we’ve faced is various delays for products, something fellow builders and designers will be unsurprised to hear. Due to the pandemic, lumberyards, carpenters, manufacturers, and more have all experienced production delays. Our cabinetry arrived significantly behind schedule and finding the right countertops has been more difficult due to limited selection. The initial shipment of cabinetry was damaged as well, meaning we had to send them back and start the process over again. Of course, given the circumstances, the delays are completely understandable. But the waiting game is still frustrating!

Marble Mishaps

Another challenge we’ve had while trying to bring everything together had to do with the marble for the master bathroom floor. When you’re ordering marble, it’s important to ensure it comes from the same lot so that the natural patterns match. We ordered marble with a unique inlaid gold design. However, when additional pieces were sent, they came out much more orange than gold, creating weird color contrast. The lot where we ordered from also ran out of the marble we were looking for. So, we’ve had to try and get creative to find marble that works well with the existing pieces we’ve ordered. My recommendation to you: always make sure the lot you’re ordering from has enough marble to accommodate your project.  Also, once you receive your stone, always do a “dry lay”.  This is a process of laying out each piece of marble before actually installing it which will ensure the overall quality of the stone and the desired pattern.

Coming Together

Despite the setbacks, we’re still very close to completion. There’s no feeling quite like getting to put the finishing touches on a room. I’m looking forward to the decorating process and showing all of you how things at Binney Street have turned out. It’s been stressful getting to the finish line with all of the delays we’ve handled, but now that we’re almost there, I’m so proud of what we’ve created. Stay tuned for more Binney Street progress updates, including some features where I go in-depth with how I brought different rooms together and the design choices we made. I can’t wait! In the meantime, check my other blog to see how we got started on Binney Street.

Samantha Chance

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