Interior Design Trends 2021

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Out with the old, in with the new. That’s a classic adage we’re probably all pretty familiar with. In the world of interior design, it couldn’t be more true. Each year, the trends we designers get accustomed to can suddenly be on their way out. You want your home to age well, so staying up to date on new design trends is crucial. Today, let’s dive into interior design trends 2021.

The Home Office Makes a Comeback

Here’s a little sneak peek at how Brian’s home office at our Binney Street home is turning out!

When checking out these new trends, something is going to become very apparent: our past year of quarantining and spending so much time together at home will influence some of the design preferences. That’s especially true for the resurgence of the home office. Sharing so much space together in 2020 is reinforcing the need for places where we can have some privacy and get work done from home. With more and more businesses making use of telecommuting, there’s no better time than now to embrace an exquisite home office space. Above you’ll see Brian’s new home office at our Binney Street house. I wanted to create a space that blends class and professionalism with a calm environment where it’s easy to get work done.

Bolder Kitchen Colors

Aquarius Studio / Shutterstock

It seems like for a while, monotone colors have dominated kitchen design trends. I’m honestly partial to a good mix of bold blacks and whites within a kitchen space. However, it seems one of the interior design trends 2021 has given us is the inclusion of brighter, more vibrant colors for the kitchen space. Think deep, bold greens, and a variety of blues taking over wall color, cabinetry, and accent elements. Let me know how you feel about bold colors in your kitchen, or if you prefer something more monotone!

Industrial Inspired Metal and Wood

As a Baltimore-based designer, I have to think about how each design fits within an urban space. This is especially true in a post-industrial city like Baltimore where many properties that are retrofitted as homes have industrial elements left like exposed brick walls or metal supports. A combination we’re seeing more and more is dark colors and tones being brought together by materials, particularly metal and wood. This is a way of paying homage to these industrial elements while modernizing them to fit into your living space.

Patterned Backsplashes

Photo courtesy of Lowes

Backsplashes have been a popular element of kitchen design for many years now. Traditionally, we’ve seen kitchen backsplashes that tend to be more muted, simply adding texture to an area of the room than really being standout features on their own. In 2021, it looks like more vibrant, patterned backsplashes are becoming a focal point of kitchen design. These bold patterns draw your eye to a specific area of the room, and can be used to accompany other accent elements wonderfully.

Segmented Floor Plans

Pixabay / Pexels

Like the comeback of the home office, interior design trends 2021 also give us the return of the segmented floor plan. For a long time now, the open floor plan has been king. However, when people were home together for months at a time, the realization that having a little separation between each room might not be the best dawned on many of us. Creating more space for privacy within the home is guiding an inclination towards segmenting floor plans and separation between spaces such as the kitchen and living room.

What interior design trend are you most excited about in 2021? Are you a fan of the incoming styles I’ve noticed, or do you prefer other elements for building your living space? Let me know! If you’d like to read more, check out my last Binney Street progress blog!

Thanks again for reading guys, talk to you on the next one.

Samantha Chance.

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